Terms and Conditions

PLAY EQUIPMENT – Safe Usage and Conditions of HireThe tenant becomes “Custodian” of the equipment leased for the duration of the lease, and accepts the terms of rental below.

The tenant of the inflatable structures is fully responsible for the structures leased for the duration of the lease period. The responsibility of the tenant takes effect from the departure of our technician until his return for removal of the equipment.

The tenant is responsible for the supply and electrical connection: 220 volts, 3x 2.5 section, 16 amps in accordance with NF.

As the hirer of the equipment , at ALL times you must act responsibly to operate the inflatable unit SAFELY and so avoid injury to anyone using the inflatable and to avoid damage to the inflatable. You must ensure the following safety instructions are followed at all times.

1. The tenant must provide a responsible adult next to the inflatable structure during the entire term of the lease, to ensure  properconduct during the activities, proper use of the equipment and to ensure that the points in these Terms and Conditions are observed.
2. It is not permitted to smoke or use naked flames or barbecues, etc., near the inflatable.
3. Each inflatable structure has an age limit and maximum number of users allowed at any one time. Please read fully the safety certificate on your inflatable structure. Strictly no adults are permitted to use the unit.
4. In the event of any heavy rain, it is recommended that the inflatable be switched off. Any wetness including bubbling at seams can be dried with a white towel before resuming use.
5. If the inflatable structure will not be used for any period of time, switch off the blower either at the socket, or disconnect the plug. Once re-started, checks must be carried out to ensure the equipment is fully inflated, the anchor points are secure and the safety mats are in position before play resumes.
6. The location of the inflatable structure must be away from any potential risks to children bouncing off it and away from any potential risks to the bouncy castle, for example fencing, railings, thorny bushes, etc. We reserve the right to cancel without penalty any hire which does not meet these requirements.
7. The inflatable structure must be sited on a level surface that is clear of sharp objects, debris or animal droppings. We reserve the right to cancel without penalty any hire that does not meet these requirements.
8. The inflatable structure will be secured using the ties attached to it, and metal pegs/sand bags. DO NOT attempt to move the inflatable structure or remove these anchor points once the inflatable structure is sited.Safety mats provided MUST be left in front of the inflatable in a sensible position to help prevent injuries.For corporations and associations, provide minimum 4 per structure barriers for crowd control and protection equipment.
10. DO NOT allow children to use this inflatable structure if they have medical conditions that may put them at risk of injury, for example: neck or back problems, brittle bone disease, or temporary injuries.
11. You MUST have first aid facilities available on site.
12. ALL shoes, badges, jewellery (i.e. large earrings, necklaces, etc.) MUST be removed before entering the inflatable structure. We also recommend that spectacles are removed.
13. To avoid any risk of choking, NO food or drinks should be consumed on/in the inflatable structure.
14. No animals are allowed on, in or near the inflatable structure.
14. No party-poppers, coloured streamers or ‘silly string’ should be applied to or used near the inflatable structure.
15. The following activities on the inflatable structure are dangerous and must be stopped immediately:Climbing, hanging, sitting on the walls, roof or perimeter of the inflatable structure, somersaults, back flips, running down a slide and sliding headfirst.
16. DO NOT allow children to play on the step of the inflatable structure. The step is to be used only to assist children in getting on and off the inflatable structure.
17. DO NOT allow children to take toys onto the inflatable structure as they may cause injury if children fall on to them and could puncture the inflatable structure.
18. In the event the inflatable structure should begin to deflate, evacuate the children from the unit immediately. Check the electricity supply. If the blower will not restart, telephone us immediately on 07 50 37 79 57.
19. I understand that if any of the equipment hired by me is damaged or lost, or if any excessive cleaning of the inflatable equipment hired is required, I (the hirer named below) will be responsible for any costs involved in repairing, replacing or cleaning the equipment hired.Châteaux Gonflables 17 cannot vouch for the quality or operation of its inflatable structures, if all terms of these terms and conditions without exception have not been met. In all cases, Châteaux Gonflables 17 retains ownership of the equipment and the latter is unseizable.
20. ASSUMED RISK. This inflatable structure has been previously checked to ensure safe operation. However, due to the uncontrollable actions of the participants, uncontrollable motions that may be directed towards opponents or contact involved in this event, injury may occur during participation. In consideration for allowing participation of individuals, contestants must agree to hold harmless fun and release Châteaux Gonflables 17 and CG17 from ALL liability for injuries or damage suffered by participants. It is the sole responsibility of the hirer, named below, to ensure that the conditions of hire and safe usage directions are adhered to. As such we strongly recommend that the hirer may wish to arrange suitable insurance themselves. This assumption of risk and waiver of liability may not be revoked or amended without the prior written consent of Châteaux Gonflables 17 and CG17.
21. Unless specified in advance by Châteaux Gonflables 17 the same person who installed the inflatable structure will return to collect it. Therefore the renter of the equipment must not allow any other person to take away the equipment. If the renter of the equipment allows another third party to take away the rented equipment, the renter will be deemed to have broken this agreement and will be deemed financially responsible for replacing the equipment.
22. If any of these conditions or directions are unclear, please contact us immediately for advice before any usage of equipment occurs.
23. By signing this agreement you agree that you are satisfied with the installation of the inflatable structure. Once sited, you MUST NOT move the inflatable structure or any of the equipment and it MUST NOT be left unattended. Any theft or loss of the inflatable structure or equipment will be your responsibility.
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